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“Hello! I have a post opening update. Nice turnout from strangers thanks to the postcards! I was able to sell four pieces and pick up two commissions, which is beyond expectations. Thanks so much for all the feedback and encouragement!!!”

— Conrad Wells

“Happy to announce I am part of the Ballots Not Bullets exhibition at WhiteBox which opens tonight in New York. I met the curator Raul Zamudio at Brainard Carey’s weekly curator zoom.”

— Ann-Marie Stillion

“After reading some materials from Brainard and watching some videos from him I contacted the museum from my hometown to see if they’d be interested in showing me. And to my surprise – they were. At the moment I am preparing for my solo exhibition with a museum in my hometown ❤ So I am sharing some of the works I will be exhibiting next month! 💪🏻
If you were intimidated by the institution (like me), please just try – it might work! 💖”

— Weronika Aaron Dyląg

“I have just been accepted for my first exhibition. A joint exhibition at Six Foot Gallery in Glasgow. It’s being hung next Thursday and opening on Friday 10th for 4 weeks. Being part of this community has really helped make this possible and I have only scratched the surface of the courses available. Thank you Brainard Carey and your team. Beyond excited!”

— Scott Forrest

“Since I joined I’ve reached out to 5 curators (2 upstate and 3 in NYC) and have 3 in person studio visits lined up. And a sweet flow of applications and submission for projects and grants too. I feel my confidence has shed its shell and I feel Praxis has been present in that. I feel energy flowing in new ways, equally in my inward and outward practices of being an artist.”

— Millicent

“Brainard Carey Thank you so much for your Book “Making it into the Artworld.” I applied your suggestions and have 7 new contacts from one single curator. You are a genius. Again I was skeptical about the methodology; tried it out and now I have people actually focused on the same issues. WOW, I am amazed…”

— Marc Johnson

“I found some grant money through Praxis to continue my ícaro: medicine songs project of books. I didn’t apply to any open calls, I just described my project to a few art foundations with the letter I was working on during the writing workshop.”

— Nu'a Bon

“Your methods are working big time for me. Had another curator meeting today and the curator said « make me a proposal » next step will be to address a proposal and aim for the moon like you suggested in your book and see what happens.”

— Marc Johnson

“Hi everyone, I have a call scheduled with a museum curator, thanks to Brainard Carey’s tutorial on how to approach curators and galleries! I wrote 3 letters so far and two answered positively”

— Brindusa Burrows

“Thanks to Brainard Carey and our Round Table sessions: I have been chosen by Nine Dot Arts for a one on one portfolio review. Molly Casey, Chief Curator and Co-founder, was on our Round Table which was my intro.”

— Lynda Fay Braun

“Praxis has seriously leveled up my art profession!”

— Jordan Wong, Cleveland, OH

“Since joining Praxis a year ago, I have met over 20 new curators, exhibited in 5 new galleries, and sold over $50K in artwork!”

— Mallorie Freeman, Detroit, MI